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"Juno beach Pier"

Thank You For Renewing My Faith!

I am in a very hard season of my life. I began to frequent the beach two towns over from my residence. I went to the beach to pray and seek the Lord to watch the sun rise. I am 35 years old and have lived in South Florida since I was 8 years old …

Feeding Ministry

Great Outreach Tool

Our praise report for the blessings of the GoKnocks spiritual cards has been an awesome outreach to many of souls. They were used and still are being used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring HOPE and LOVE to each one that receives them. We here at Nelson’s Outreach Ministries are very grateful …

Cashier Story

Gave The Cashier A Card

I was just checking out from Sbarro pizza when the Holy Spirit reminded me to give the cashier a card. I gave him the card that says peace. He read the back, looked at me and said “thank you, I really needed this… one month ago today, I lost my son, after a 3 year …

"Image of Becky Rankin"

Ministry Anywhere

My disability requires special transportation to go to the doctor’s office. On one particular trip, the driver was a wonderful young man named Kevin. During the ride, he talked about his family and his church and how he loved to cook. My husband, Dale, who was sitting up front with Kevin, shared info about the …


Easy And Effective

The GoKnock cards are a great way to share the good news of God easily and effectively. People receive the Word of God and are blessed with the gospel message when they visit the website. Pastor Jim Collins, Victory In Christ, Jupiter, Florida