Fundraise for Your Cause With GoKnock Cards


GoKnock wants to help your organization meet its fundraising goals!


Sell GoKnock cards to your friends, family, and congregation.

Our GoKnock Fundraiser Starter Kit will provide everything you need to get your fundraiser going.

We offer a 50% profit on all sales to help you start reaching your fundraising goal in a flash!


Why GoKnock cards?

  • Eye-catching designs, durable, high quality, and valuable
  • Icebreaker for God conversations
  • Easy to share – anyone can use them!
  • Enthusiastically received; people keep them
  • Highly effective for outreach and missions work
  • Excellent for personal growth, memorization, and inspiration

Go Give Ideas

  • Friends, family, neighbors, teachers
  • Get them for missions trips, nursing homes, homeless shelters
  • At your place of business
  • Give one to your barista, server, drive-thru or anywhere you shop
  • Small group, youth group, church, Bible Study
  • Add them to your birthday, graduation, holiday, get well cards
  • Leave a few on the park bench
  • Be ready to share wherever you go!

What’s included in the standard Starter Kit:

  • 1,000 GoKnock cards: 10 designs with qty. 100 of each. (We recommend your group’s fundraising team bundle these into sets of 10 cards each. Suggested selling price is $10 per set of 10 GoKnock cards. This gives you a 50% profit!)
  • Sample order form, brochure, FAQs & Tips sheet + link to print more
  • Sample “Certificate of Thanks” to give donors or top sellers + link to print
  • 10 Spanish card samples

*To order more cards, or to inquire about different Starter Kit sizes, email us at

Fundraiser Brochure
Brochure Back

FAQs & Tips

Q: Who can use GoKnock Fundraising Kits?

A: Anyone who is trying to raise funds quickly for a cause.

  • Youth Group Ministries & Churches
  • Missions Groups & Mission Trips
  • Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools
  • Athletic Programs & Sports Teams
  • Fine Arts & Theatre Programs
  • Clubs or Specific Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Homeschool Co-Op Groups
  • Adoptions
  • Memorial Funds
  • College Tuition or Study Abroad Trips
  • Community Benefits
  • Medical Causes


Q: How much is a GoKnock Starter Kit?

A: We have Starter Kits in varying sizes to meet the needs of any budget or any size sales team. These range from $250 to $5,000. The kit includes everything needed to start a successful fundraising campaign.  Adjustable sizes can be made based on your needs.

For example:

If you represent a school that has 100 students participating in the fundraiser campaign, then each student should be given a sample set of 10 GoKnock cards, plus an order form, color brochure and FAQs/Tips sheet providing useful tips & ideas for fundraising with GoKnock cards. These items will assist in selling the card packs.


Q: How much profit can be earned using a GoKnock Fundraising Starter Kit?

A:  Your group or team can raise 50% profit using your GoKnock Starter Kit and any additional sales orders! The potential to raise $ for your cause is unlimited!

If each child from the group of 100 students sells that one 10 pack sample they were given for $10 per set, then your group will have earned $1,000 minus the $500 cost of the Starter Kit which = $500 profit. If each child sells just five sets of 10 GoKnock cards then your group earns $2,500 profit! If each child sells 10 sets of 10 cards then your group will earn $5,000 profit!

If you wish to raise $5,000 then your goal would be to order 10,000 cards (1,000 sets of 10 designs). You can make an initial order of a smaller amount if needed to start, then purchase additional amounts at any time. However, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery per order. It is usually easier to pre-purchase the products and have them in hand to sell and deliver at the time of purchase. RUSH shipping is available via FED-EX.


Q: How long does a fundraiser campaign typically last?

A: We recommend 2-4 weeks for the campaign. Orders for Starter Kits or additional card bundles can take 1-2 weeks for delivery, so please calculate this time into your campaign when choosing a start date and end date.

Q: Can unsold products be returned?

A: No, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. We offer advice and suggestions to assist you in ways to be successful with your fundraising campaign on our website. You can also consider donating leftover GoKnock cards to places in need of hope and encouragement. See our Go Give Ideas for inspiration.


Q: Can I reach someone at your office if I have additional questions?

A: Yes. We have fundraising experts available to assist you by email. Please forward any questions to They will reply by email within 24-48 hours.