GoKnock Card Helps Cancer Patient

Since I was 14, hospitality and food has been my calling. I have met so many people throughout my years. I am now 33 and have been born again for over 10 years. I have allowed God to direct me in all that I do and say. One of the easiest ways to do this is with GoKnock Cards. They are durable, pretty, and thoughtful.

At my current job, there is a Sous Chef that has skin cancer. What started off as just a spot, led to the removal of his lower leg and then cancer spread to his brain.

Going through so much, I cannot imagine, how tired and exhausted he was. He has a wife and a 5 year old daughter. There are times he said he wanted to give up, but he stayed strong and was focused on God’s Word. He later revealed to me that he would read the GoKnock card that I gave to him months earlier. Every time he went in for chemotherapy, he would pull the card out of his wallet to look at and read to give him comfort. He jokes, that the nurse would think he was pulling out cash from his wallet to tip them…lol.

Knowing this made me so much more comfortable passing out the cards. I add them to gifts. I feel that GoKnock cards will be a driving force by spreading the Word of God. One verse at a time.

I have plans to purchase more of these cards, the convenience of having the verses at my fingertips give me confidence and a kind, non-invasive way to help tell people about Jesus. The card is there for them in that moment of need. I do not believe people would get one and trash it. They will put it off to the side, in a purse, drawer and we all know that God will show up at the perfect time.

Continue to do good work! Thankful for GoKnock cards! God Bless you all!

Ebony Jones, Catering Director, Brandon, MS

"Image of Ebony Jones"

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