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I’m a chaplain with Baseball Chapel serving professional baseball players with the Miami Marlins organization from rookie league to major league. My step-daughter, Kelly, gave me a few of these GoKnock cards about three years ago saying “you could probably use these in our ministry.” I thought they were neat and put one in my wallet where it was buried for two or three months.

As part of my ministry I hold chapel services with the umpires as well as the players. One of those umpires called and asked if we could have lunch and discuss some issues troubling him. Halfway through lunch our conversation led to me pulling out my wallet for something. To this day I can’t remember what it was, but I found a buried GoKnock card with the words “Endurance” – Hebrews 12:1-2. God nudged me to give it to him. It seemed appropriate to our discussion and what was troubling him. I said, “here, I think this is for you.” As he grabbed the GoKnock card he saw the scripture reference and I saw the goosebumps run up his outstretched arm. In that “aha” God moment I realized the value of these GoKnock cards. Of course, it’s not just the cards but the Word of God which does not come back void.

This young man excitedly told me of how two of his Christian brothers had poured that very scripture into him via audio letters which he had to share with me. There were more goose bumps, but this time they were mine!

I made a beeline for home to order a box online. I had seen the value up close and personal; the power of His Word in a simple durable form. It looks like a gift card…it is!

After 2+ years, 20+ boxes, countless God stories later…I’ve seen English, Spanish and Creole GoKnock cards with God’s Word passed hand to hand.

Pick a card…any card. Get them and give them! Put them in the hands of missionaries, youth groups, pastors, your whole congregation, the person who waits on you, the cashier, the mechanic, the person struggling or carry one for yourself. You get the idea! We are all called to be salt and light in this world and this is one of the easiest way to do it.

Yours in Christ.

George Buckland, Chaplain, Miami Marlins

"Image of George Buckland"

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