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My disability requires special transportation to go to the doctor’s office. On one particular trip, the driver was a wonderful young man named Kevin. During the ride, he talked about his family and his church and how he loved to cook. My husband, Dale, who was sitting up front with Kevin, shared info about the GoKnock ministry. From my back seat, I told Kevin, I had some GoKnock cards with me and I’d pick out some for him. When we arrived at our destination, I was holding the GoKnock cards in my hand. Kevin came into the back of the van to help me out. When he saw the cards, he practically snatched them out of my hand. He said, “I didn’t want you to forget”. His enthusiasm was exciting.

Dale and I were blessed to see Kevin on a later trip to the doctor. He said he really liked the GoKnock cards, but apparently not as much as his wife. He said she took all of them. He lit up when I told him I had more for him. What a blessing to meet such a nice young man, who truly hungered to share God’s Word. We are so grateful to be a part of this ministry!

Soon after we heard the cards had been translated into Haitian-Creole, my cousin told me that his daughter, Laura, who practices medicine in Massachusetts, was going on a mission trip to a children’s hospital in Haiti. She said she would love to take some GoKnock cards with her. She shared tem with patients and their families, but they seemed to be a BIG value to her co-workers.

When my sister Jane, came to visit in April, she picked up some of the Spanish GoKnock cards for a gentleman in her church, who is going on a mission trip to Cuba. When he saw the cards, he said, “These are wonderful; we are going to need more!”

The GoKnock ministry is my favorite because it helps us fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission.

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