Imani White Story

Dad Leaves GoKnock Cards On Nightstand

I recently stumbled upon my GoKnock cards again, and when I found them I immediately started to cry because they brought my heart so much comfort, not just because of what they say but the meaningful thought behind them.

The past few years have been tough for me, fighting spiritually to keep the faith, that I was literally feeling plagued with sadness, anger, and depression. One day, I came home and I found my GoKnock cards on my nightstand and they were left for me by my Dad. My dad not being very emotional, thought that these cards would be supportive, little did he know, that I repeatedly looked at them and read the scriptures to keep my mind and spirit afloat.

My dad is not an emotionally connected person but the fact that he thought of me, gave them, and then comforted me was one of THE most memorable times in my life, simply because he was the last person I expected to understand. He was the most supportive person and I will forever be thankful and grateful to my dad for thinking of me and lifting me up when I needed it.

I just want others to know that, these cards are not just any card. They are cards of hope, faith, love, kindness, and inspiration. I have paid two of my cards forward to strangers in the street who I felt needed them like I did.

So, I encourage you, pay these card forward, purchase a set for yourself, be the person that spreads the good news, and be unique while doing so!

God bless,

Imani White, Elementary Teacher, Port Saint Lucie, FL