"Juno beach Pier"

Thank You For Renewing My Faith!

I am in a very hard season of my life. I began to frequent the beach two towns over from my residence. I went to the beach to pray and seek the Lord to watch the sun rise.

I am 35 years old and have lived in South Florida since I was 8 years old and had never taken the time to watch the sun rise. God had placed it on my heart to seek him there as I watched the beauty of his creation. I enjoyed my time with God so pleasantly I felt he was urging me to repeat the routine, so off to the beach I went at 6:30 am on a second day.

The sun rose at 7:06 and after a walk I realized I had cut my toe somehow and needed to rinse my foot at the outside shower. Approaching the outside showers, there is a bench. On that bench were “credit cards” laying on the arm of the bench. I thought to myself that someone had lost their wallet, someone else had found it and laid all of the personal credit cards on the arm. Upon a closer look after I rinsed my feet, I realized, they weren’t credit cards at ALL! They were SCRIPTURE cards! Though I wanted to take them ALL and hand them out to my friends, I refused to steal someone’s blessing!

As I fished through them to choose the card that caught my eye, I stumbled upon ABIDE. You see, reader, I’ve been trying to do life without “bothering” Jesus and on the back of the card was CLEAR what I needed to do … and I came to the realization that I can NOT do life without Jesus by ANY means! I took the ABIDE card and left the other beautiful cards for someone else to receive their little covenant sign in a card! I was so blessed by this humble act that I hurried home to share the story with my best friend!

My card was found at the Juno Beach Pier in South Florida by the outside showers and I just wanted to show my gratitude for the person that was obedient in acquiring these cards and leaving them for people like me to find in their time of need! I will be paying it forward with purchasing my own set of cards to “hide”. Thank you so much GoKnock! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in this treasure hunt to seek and FIND the JESUS I knew had still been living in me but had managed to leave in the back of my mind.

Thank you for renewing my faith!