GoKnock Workplace Partnership

The GoKnock Workplace Partnership is a way to join us in sharing God’s encouraging words on a GoKnock card to display and give away at your place of work.

It isn’t always easy to share your faith in the workplace, so as a Christian business person, business owner, pastor, counselor, teacher, or coach, GoKnock cards will help give you an opportunity to share your faith and encourage those around you by giving them out.

Put it on your desk, in your cubicle, on your counter at work, etc…

Now our outreach becomes your outreach!

Workplace Display

We have seen firsthand by the stories we receive how powerful a simple card containing God’s Word can be used to encourage, give hope, and really change a life!

When God’s Word goes out it will not return void.

You never know where someone is in their faith journey but God does and that word and/or verse reference can have a huge impact and be just what they needed at that time.

Let’s reach as many people as we can by becoming a Workplace Partner with GoKnock.

Become a GoKnock Workplace Partner for only a $250 donation

You will get:

  • Variety Go Big Box of 250 of our top GoKnock card designs.
  • GoKnock display spinner with slot on top to place your favorite card in.
  • Workplace Partner emails: Inspiring Workplace Partner stories, GoKnock Updates, and early access to new GoKnock designs!

Become a Workplace Partner today!

Your donations to GoKnock go to support our ministry and provide GoKnock cards and resources to our partner ministries to reach more people with God’s life changing Word! 

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Offline Donation

1. Make a check payable to “GoKnock”

2. On the memo line of the check, please indicate that the donation is for “GoKnock”

3. Please mail your check to: 201 Sea Oats Dr. Ste G, Juno Beach, FL 33408

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.