"Prison walls"

Prison Outreach Campaign

We’ve had great success in getting nearly 140,000 GoKnock cards in over 17 Florida prisons! Twenty different GoKnock designs were printed on cardstock paper and delivered to these prisons. God’s life-changing, life-giving Word goes forth to encourage inmates and bring about changed lives.

Our prison outreach campaign continues to expand as we now have GoKnock cards in South Dakota prisons, in talks with Arizona prisons and are adding more in the state of Florida.

We are hearing how inmates are requesting more cards and we are grateful to be a part of how God is using them to minister to them.

We are also thankful to all of those who have given to this ministry and look forward to reaching more inmates as we expand into prisons around the country.

3 thoughts on “Prison Outreach Campaign

  1. Mack Foster says:

    Hey everyone,

    Got your cards and they are getting in the hands and hearts of the kids at the alternative school I teach at. I got a big box too that will be given to our Kairos Ministry team that are going to the Dooly County prison here in South Georgia. Also will take some to the Baxley Children’s home in Baxley, GA. Thank you John for your note.
    Will let ya’ll know how it goes.
    God’s blessings always

  2. Tim says:

    A week ago we gave out GoKnock cards at a Pahokee prison. Last night the guys were clamoring for more and were sharing how it opened doors for them to speak with other inmates about faith. They said that the cards made it easier, more natural to talk about Jesus. In a different group we handed out a bunch of GoKnock cards to a teen/pre-teen discipleship group for boys. They loved the cards varied & vibrant designs and I’m excited to hear what they did/do with them in our next meeting. Thanks John for blessing us with this tool, putting the Word in reach of hungry people. Soli Deo Gloria.

  3. Gabrielle? Roberts says:

    Loved is always there for you and I love my Grandma that’s in haven that all watch me you should all loved your family and friends

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